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Objective of the "Heist" DLC


objective easy but boring, for the proper execution you have to perform all of the shots and preparations in order.

For the achievement of this objective will seek, through dialogue, those who still must do it and begin to compose the team, if you are missing one or more of the members ask who can help while they receive the appropriate bonus.

                                                                                                                                               BONUS: 1.000.000 GTA$

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Challenge where 4 of the elements will co-exist for all the preparations (it is not important the order), then they will learn the strengths of each individual member to then make up for with their commitment to the shortcomings of others.

The crew is a cohesive group, even in this goal; if the components had already completed the challenge, ask of those who want to collaborate even without taking the bonus in question.

BONUS: 1.000.000 GTA$


It is the most difficult challenge among these, encloses the two previous ones for which; organization, dialogue, complicity and good knowledge in all the scenarios are essential for success.

If in the group there is someone who has achieved this goal, even if he does not receive the bonus, he will be asked to participate by donating his experience.

                                                                                                                                             BONUS: 10.000.000 GTA$

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