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Greatest Heist Crew
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Directors: the appointment of The counselor is given to those who contribute in an absolute manner for the good of the crew, from the commitment and from the results obtained in all of the activities in addition to the constancy that distinguishes it from the other.
The counselor is an important reference for all the other members of the crew, will be the first one to always give you help and support to whoever needs it, as well as giving advice to the founder of the crew.

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Lieutenant: The lieutenant is the figure that creates a link between the weapons and the mind, he will be the one together with the counselor to decide which strategy to use in case of defense or attack in the activity.

His appointment depends on his knowledge, successes, and from its constancy, as always, the crew also he will have to help in case of need.


Representatives: to Be appointed as such who, by their presence (even if not constant), and commitment to try to raise the level of the crew in the various activities that take place.

The representative is not a figure of low level among the tasks; in addition to help other components in the difficulties, also to make up the numbers for the correct performance of the activity, as it knows how to juggle with both weapons with tactics.


Gorilla: Are those who, having little time available, try to contribute minimal to the growth of the crew.

Excellent fighters, they must support each other and help the various activities that will be decided together with other members.

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