Gretest Heist
CREW of GTA Online
Greatest Heist Crew
Crew of GTA Online on Xbox One

​​​Who we are

There are crews composed of the maximum number of users, we deliberately want to remain a few to not exclude anyone from the limited number of the game, and to create a "family".

Having to deal with a few trustworthy members involves the knowledge of people, this in turn leads to the compactness of the group, thus allowing us to understand what are the strengths of each individual game and what the weaknesses, so that together we can compensate, trusting in their respective strengths.

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This crew is based on simple rules:
1) No killing between members (except gogliardici agreements).
2) Respect for crew members.
3) Try to create a united group.

Teamwork is essential to amalgamate the group, to win, to have fun and to have a unique and engaging gaming experience.

The crew car​
The choice of this car was not casual, but well designed and designed, it is a 4-seater sedan with a V 12 engine, fast and performing as well as armored.
The colors chosen are of the crew, as main color and black as secondary, this to create a mix of aggressiveness and uniqueness.
The armor guarantees an excellent help and a reliable shelter during missions or heist.
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